04/15/2015 05:27 EDT | Updated 06/25/2015 08:59 EDT

Alberta Liberals pitch five-point plan to give cities more money, authority

EDMONTON - Alberta Liberals are using the May 5 provincial election campaign to propose a five-point plan to strengthen cities.

Leader David Swann and candidate Laurie Blakemen are pushing for legal charters to give Edmonton and Calgary added powers to manage growth.

They say funding for municipalities must also be made stable to allow for better planning.

They say a Liberal government would change tax rules that they say unfairly benefit rural municipalities close to oil refineries, while leaving cities to rely on inconsistent provincial funding.

The Liberals would also transfer $254 million from Alberta's climate change emissions fund to help pay for large municipal transportation projects.

And they say they would issue tax receipts for political contributions to municipalities to encourage donations to local campaigns.