04/15/2015 07:45 EDT | Updated 06/26/2015 09:59 EDT

Damon Stoudamire: Kyle Lowry has always played with chip on shoulder

TORONTO - Damon Stoudamire thinks Kyle Lowry is getting soft.

The Raptors first-ever draft pick and the NBA rookie of the year in 1996 was honoured during Toronto's regular-season finale on Wednesday as part of the team's 20th anniversary celebrations.

He poked fun at his former Memphis Grizzlies teammate.

"I'm going to get on him a little bit," Stoudamire said. "I'm like 'He's taking games off for rest?' Kyle Lowry never took games off for rest, never, I'm just telling you. I hope he didn't get big-time all of a sudden after he made the all-star game."

The Air Canada Centre fans honoured the point guard known as "Mighty Mouse" with a standing ovation during a timeout. Stoudamire played in Toronto from 1995 to '98 and led the team in points, minutes and assists.

When asked his favourite point guards in today's NBA, he listed: Russell Westbrook, who is "like this era's Allen Iverson," Damian Lillard, Conley, Chris Paul, and Lowry.

Lowry was drafted by Memphis in 2006, and teamed up with Stoudamire. The elder point guard said the chip on Lowry's shoulder has been there since the Raptors guard was a kid, and believes it's helped make him an all-star.

"Kyle has always been an underdog, he never was respected in high school, he never was respected in college, he gets drafted, I'm there, me and him are splitting minutes, they draft Mike Conley and now you've got three point guards, and he goes and stews in the corner," Stoudamire said.

"He's always had to prove himself, he's always had to play with a chip on his shoulder. I think that what he's been doing this season, I would say it's the same thing, he wanted to prove everybody wrong."

The 41-year-old is a coach at the University of Arizona now, and part of his role is recruitment. He spoke highly of the talented high schoolers coming out of Canada.

"I'm not trying to come to Canada and get all the good players, I just want one," he said laughing. "I'll settle for one good player."