04/15/2015 06:06 EDT | Updated 06/26/2015 03:59 EDT

Des Hague, former CEO of Centerplate, sentencing underway for animal cruelty

The Crown has asked that a former CEO, who was caught on video kicking a puppy in a Vancouver hotel elevator, be fined $5000 and banned from owning or controlling animals for three years.

Des Hague was the CEO of U.S. catering company Centerplate when video surfaced that appeared to show him kicking a small, cowering dog, and swinging it up from the ground by its leash.

Hague pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in February, and sentencing arguments are underway in a Vancouver provincial courtroom today.

His defence lawyer told the court a veterinarian found the Doberman pup was not injured.

The puppy, named Sade, was not his dog, but he was caring for it for a friend.

Hague resigned from Centerplate and was ordered by the company to donate $100,000 US to animal welfare following the public furor over the incident.