04/15/2015 01:52 EDT | Updated 04/15/2015 01:59 EDT

She Said He Couldn't Leave Nerdy Stuff Around The House. This Is How He Fought Back.

What's a nerd to do when his girlfriend says he can't leave "geeky stuff" upstairs?

Simple: hide it!

Photos posted to Imgur by user ohhaibroadcast two days ago show a series of toys hidden around a home, in places where his girlfriend likely couldn't see them.

"Never underestimate a manchild," he wrote.

Click through the gallery to see where he hid stuff:

Guerrilla War

But that wasn't all. In a relationship, one has to make compromises. So his nerdy items were arranged neatly in the basement.

Click through the gallery to check out the basement:

Gentlemen, I bid you welcome, to The Great Nerd Bunker

The user even has a Canadian connection. Here's a picture of him wearing a costume from the video game "Halo 3: ODST" in Calgary's Rotary Park.

A comment on one of the photos suggest his girlfriend was in on this.

If you ask us, no one should have to relegate who they are to the basement just to please a significant other. In fact, we think the upstairs would look great with a "Guardians of the Galaxy" poster on one of the walls. Just saying.

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