04/15/2015 05:11 EDT | Updated 04/15/2015 05:59 EDT

How To Get Rid Of Your Hangover In Time For Work

Lots of water, a few slices of ginger, yoga and a cold shower: these are things that will help demolish your hangover woes and get you to work without anyone noticing.

And while it seems like everyone has their own fix for the anguish that comes from partying a little too hard, most cures are based off a little common sense like drinking more water and spending more time in bed.

In the video above by ELLE, the magazine provides simple suggestions to beat the bloat, boost your energy, knock-out nausea and flush out toxins after a long night of drinking — and all in time for work the same day.

But before you break out the yoga mat, studies suggest that a simple soda might actually be all you need. Whether you choose to sip on Sprite or a soda water, scientists say the bubbly beverages speed up your ability to metabolize alcohol and process the aldehyde dehydrogenase, which makes the morning after particularly unbearable.

So the next time happy hour runs a few hours too long, just follow these tips and take some time before taking a taxi to the office.

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