04/15/2015 07:50 EDT | Updated 06/16/2015 05:59 EDT

Des Hague, Former CEO, Who Kicked Puppy In Vancouver Sentenced

The former CEO of a sports catering company was struggling with personal issues and was injured by a friend's Doberman puppy, minutes before being caught on surveillance video kicking the animal, according to details heard in court.

Des Hague, who was caught in a firestorm of criticism after the hotel footage was leaked, was on medication for anxiety and stress at the time, reported The Globe and Mail. He also had alcohol in his system and was troubled by a family matter, Hague's sentencing heard on Wednesday.

Hague was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and was given a three-year ban on owning animals. He had pleaded guilty to one count of causing an animal to be in distress earlier this year.

In July 2014, the untrained five-month-old dog took off as Hague was walking it in downtown Vancouver, bolting so hard that Hague's right hand was injured, said the Globe. Later, elevator security cameras then captured Hague kicking the puppy five times and yanking it by its collar.

The dog, owned by a friend who asked Hague to take it for a walk, was not hurt, reported CBC News.

Hague resigned from his lucrative position at Centerplate, a U.S.-based company that provides catering services to sports venues across North America. Hague's lawyer said his client has been punished by the negative publicity and remains unemployed, said CBC.

Hague previously issued a statement that said he was deeply embarrassed by his actions and had apologized to the dog's owners.

The B.C. SPCA says it is pleased with the sentence.

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