04/16/2015 16:45 EDT | Updated 06/16/2015 01:12 EDT

Officer tells suspect's trial he heard several shots before he was hit

WESTASKIWIN, Alta. - A Mountie who was shot and wounded says he had gone to execute a search warrant for a gun in a rural Alberta home when he felt extreme pain in his left side.Const. Sidney Gaudette testified at the suspect's trial that he heard an officer beside him yell "Gun! Gun! Gun!" and then heard multiple shots.He says he and Const. Sheldon Shah were both hit but managed to escape the home and were rushed to hospital.Sawyer Robison (SOY'-yuhr ROH'-bih-son) has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, assault causing bodily harm and weapons-related charges.Robison, who is 30, was arrested following a standoff on his family's farm near Killam, southeast of Edmonton, in 2012.Court has heard the home was stocked with guns, ammunition and a bullet-proof vest.Video already played at the trial showed a room with bunk beds where seven of the weapons were found, including a loaded sniper rifle, along with a letter from a chief firearms officer addressed to Robison.At the time, RCMP said that a domestic violence assault led four officers to search for an illegal handgun on the property. Two Mounties walked into a house and shots were fired.Following a lengthy standoff, Robison's uncle, Bradford Clarke, was found dead in the house. Officers began a search for Robison, who they alleged had been in the home at the time of the shooting and fled in a black pickup truck.He was arrested three days later after his parents appeared before TV cameras and pleaded for him to turn himself in.Robison was also accused of second-degree murder in the death of his uncle, but that charge was discontinued during a preliminary hearing.