04/16/2015 16:20 EDT | Updated 06/16/2015 01:12 EDT

Prentice renews attack on Wildrose fiscal plan; says it won't work without cuts

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. - Progressive Conservative Leader Jim Prentice is renewing his attack on the Wildrose fiscal plan which he says simply won't work.The incumbent premier says there is no way the Opposition party can do what it says it will do without making significant cuts to frontline staff.Prentice continues to call for specifics on which services would be cut and which building projects would be delayed.The Wildrose says it would cut government managerial jobs by one- third and Alberta Health Services management positions by half to balance the budget within two years and without tax increases.Prentice is campaigning on a budget that raises a host of taxes and holds the line on spending to achieve balance in the face of plunging oil prices.Voters head to the polls May 5.