04/16/2015 09:55 EDT | Updated 07/01/2015 11:59 EDT

Vancouver Canucks' Sedin twins strategy and some home game loss history

If you, like a lot of Vancouver Canucks fans, are wondering how big a hole the team is in, after the Game 1 loss to the Calgary Flames, you've come to the right place.

Turns out if stats mean anything, it's not that big a hole at all.

According to the team that loses at home in Game 1 of a seven-game NHL series will go on to win the series about 46 per cent of the time.

That's because there are still six games remaining, and the team with home ice has a proven margin of superiority, seeing that they earned home ice and all.

But still, there's a nagging feeling with the Vancouver Canucks. How can there not be? Giving up the winning goal in the final minute of a game will do that.

Plus there's this anxiety-generating fact: The defeat to Calgary counts as the 11th loss in the last 12 playoff home games for the Canucks.

When asked about this fragility Coach Willie Desjardin took a second to think, shook his head, then answered, "Ahhh, I think that's the past and this year we're worried about this year." 

We'll see.

Play the Sedin twins more already

In Game 1, the Sedin twins played only 16 minutes (Daniel) and 17 minutes (Henrik). That's not a lot of ice time considering they are the Canucks' best offensive players and best threat to score.

Sure it's around the same amount of ice time they received during regular season games. But it's no longer the regular season, it's a seven-game series.

Pundits and fans are crying out for Coach Desjardin to play the twins more already. He says he wants to keep the twins "fresh".

Henrik says it's what's worked all season and he trusts the coach. Daniel says the same thing Henrik says.

We say stop with the madness. It's the playoffs.