04/17/2015 11:47 EDT | Updated 04/17/2015 11:59 EDT

Meet Calsnape: Alberta Photographer Finds Adventure In The Mountains

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This week we go back to the mountains of Alberta and introduce you to @CalSnape. Here he his in his own words:

Hey everyone, I'm Callum Snape aka @calsnape, I'm 23 years old and I live in Banff, Alberta. I'm an adventure, travel and landscape photographer and writer and I have a dangerous addiction to the mountains.​

Q: What inspires you to take photos?

My main source of inspiration comes from the mountains themselves, the ever-changing environment and the passions I can pursue in them. I also find inspiration in the personalities of people that draw meaning from the same source.

Q: What's one Instagram tip that you can share with us?

If I could give one Instagram tip, it would be to get creative with compositions. A square crop imposes so many restrictions on a scene, using the foreground will help anchor the landscape and give you an opportunity to make something unique.

Q: Can you share an outtake or photo you didn't use with us?

This ones a behind the scenes of me trying really hard to get 'the shot' but the harsh contrast in lighting and challenging solo attempt at positioning myself in the right place just become too much. I was half way through a 22km hike so I didn't have the time to pursue it further but I'm camping right beside this bridge this coming summer so I'll have a second chance. — @Calsnape

Q: Share a photo that you love for Throwback Thursday

This photo is a personal throwback favourite. Its from a solo five day mission to explore the Berg Lake area, the mid-day heat and my aching muscles forced me to go for a polar swim.— @Calsnape

Q: Who are the photographers who inspire you?

Without a doubt @taylormichaelburk inspires me the most. Taylor is a close friend outside of Instagram, he inspires me to stay true to the real meaning of adventure, he pushes boundaries behind the camera and teaches me a whole new respect of the mountains. @goldiehawn_ who is in this photo and also a close friend, produces such innocent and simplistic images with such powerful stories behind them. Her work inspires me to find minimalism in the landscape and attach a human link to it. — @Calsnape

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