04/17/2015 03:54 EDT | Updated 04/20/2015 01:59 EDT

17 International Fast Food Items We Wish Were Available In Canada

Canada isn't exactly lacking in the fast food department. We all know where to go for chicken nuggets, whoppers and Frappacinos — signature items at Canada's best known fast food joints.

Internationally, however, the menus at some of our favourite fast food joints are slightly different. McDonalds, KFC and more have locations all around the world, and their menu's tend to reflect the traditional foods of the country they are in.

And the differences range from a simple deep fried twist to something a little more out there like Pizza Hut Middle East's hamburger stuffed crust. But it's not all over the top, some items are just plain delicious.

Check out the slideshow below for a list of the foreign fast food items that we wish we're available for Canadians to enjoy. Take note Starbucks Canada, we want a Mango Passionfruit Frappacino too!

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