04/17/2015 01:22 EDT | Updated 04/17/2015 01:59 EDT

Victoria Beckham's Best-Ever Looks From The '90s And Early '00s

Happy Birthday, Victoria Beckham!

The former Spice Girl turns 41 on April 17, and we want to celebrate.

Throughout her career, the singer-turned-designer has managed to make her mark in both the music and fashion industries. And on top of that, she's done it all with style (a closet full of LBDs helps, we're sure).

Today, we're taking a moment to salute her best style moments from the '90s and early '00s. From mini skirts to metallic catsuits, the woman formerly known as Posh Spice has worn pretty much every trendy ensemble you can think of. And while these days she's generally seen sporting a uniform of all black everything, we'll #neverforget the person she used to be.

To check out some of her best (and perhaps most ridiculous) looks, just continue scrolling below!

  • This Corset-Like Top And Mini Skirt
    Dave Hogan via Getty Images
    It's Posh perfection. And of course she's carrying a puppy with her. Of course.
  • This Red Leather Outfit
    Fred Duval via Getty Images
    Okay, so all of these outfits are pretty great, by Posh takes the cake here. SO MUCH LEATHER.
  • This Metallic Bustier And Matching Pants Set
    Gareth Davies via Getty Images
    There's so much going on here. But we wouldn't want it any other way.
  • This All Gold Look
    Dave Hogan via Getty Images
    She must have had a closet full of this same outfit in just multiple metallic shades.
  • This White-Hot Ensemble
    Dave Hogan via Getty Images
    Take note of the disco ball-like choker and belt. And also, those cutouts are quite scandalous!
  • And Here It Is Again
    Jon Furniss via Getty Images
  • This Chocolate Brown Number
    Dave Hogan via Getty Images
    Another day, another bustier and pants combo. Also, just take a minute to appreciate the glory that is David Beckham in his full length "Matrix" coat.
  • This Sparkly Pink And Blue Dress
    Justin Goff via Getty Images
    We're not even sure what's going on with this dress, but we don't even care.
  • This Sexy Captain Jack Sparrow Ensemble
    Dave Hogan via Getty Images
    Maybe Johnny Depp actually took his inspiration from Posh...
  • Her Piece-y Hair And Silver Top
    Dave Benett via Getty Images
    YES. Just so '90s. We can't even. David is wearing a bandana!
  • This Bustier And Denim Combo
    Dave Benett via Getty Images
    Yep, another bustier. Obviously.
    Justin Goff via Getty Images
    Just. Yes. So much leather.
  • This Ombre Mullet Dress
    Peter Still via Getty Images
    Sunset perfection.
  • This Metallic Mini Dress
    Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images
    A step up from Posh's typical LBDs. And that hair! So voluminous!
  • This Oh-So-Posh Mini Dress
    PA via Getty Images
    #onpoint (literally).
  • This Casual Tee And Sunglasses Look
    Tim Roney via Getty Images
    It doesn't get much more chic than a black tee and sunnies.
  • This Vertigo Dress
    Mick Hutson via Getty Images
    She stepped outside her comfort zone with this one!
  • This Crop Top And Flares Combo
    Tony Barson via Getty Images
    VB should just wear this look tomorrow.
  • This Perfectly Posh Ensemble
    Brigitte Engl via Getty Images
    All hail spaghetti straps! And satin pants!
  • This Lingerie-Inspired Slip Dress
    KMazur via Getty Images
    Or maybe it was actual lingerie. Whatever the case, it just proves that Posh was way ahead of her time.

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