04/18/2015 03:15 EDT | Updated 04/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Ryan Reynolds, Gregor Robertson Get Chummy On 'Deadpool' Set

"It's not every day you get to ask the Mayor about building a gigantic waterslide from Whistler to Vancouver."

Downtown condo dwellers, workers, and general gawkers will have to move along now that actor Ryan Reynolds and his "Deadpool" movie have finished filming on a busy Vancouver roadway.

Reynolds — who was born and raised in Vancouver — and his stunt double were regularly spotted shooting action scenes on the Georgia Viaduct over the past two weeks. The road, which normally sees thousands of vehicles, was closed to accommodate the Marvel anti-hero film.

"The production and the City of Vancouver thank you for your patience during filming," said a city news release on Friday.

"Deadpool" will bring almost $38 million to Vancouver and create 1,100 jobs during the shoot, said city officials.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson visited Reynolds and the "Deadpool" viaduct set on the last day of filming:

You don't have to guess what the pair talked about, because Reynolds revealed their high-level discussion about a Whistler-to-Vancouver waterslide:

At this rate, Reynolds may turn out to be an actual superhero if that waterslide is built AND "The Beachcombers" gets rebooted.

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