04/19/2015 11:22 EDT | Updated 07/08/2015 02:59 EDT

Habs and Sens fans face off over teen's treatment at Bell Centre

Hockey fan Katie Kerrick says she is overwhelmed by the reaction her story is getting a day after telling CBC News about being harassed at the Bell Centre during Game 2 of the Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators playoff series.

Kerrick, 19, told CBC reporter Kate McKenna about how a male fan in her row at the Bell Centre called her and her sister "whores," hit them with his towel repeatedly and then poured an entire can of beer on them.

Kerrick said an attendant she approached for help told her, "What do you want me to do, give them a mean look?"

To be fair, Habs fans do have a reputation for being a little overzealous with their love for the team.

Since the altercation, the Ottawa Senators have reached out to offer Kerrick a VIP box at Sunday's game.

In the meantime, Twitter and Facebook exploded with comments from fans of both hockey clubs. Montrealers and Habs fans were ashamed of the men's treatment of Kerrick:

Senators fans and others had strong words for the Canadiens' fanbase:

Some people who commented offered helpful suggestions: