04/19/2015 02:21 EDT | Updated 06/19/2015 05:59 EDT

Rob Ford's Crack-Confession Tie Back On eBay

It appears that Rob Ford didn't get the money he was expecting from the sale of the tie he wore on the day that he publicly admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

The Toronto councillor tweeted Sunday that he had put some items back on eBay after "some unfortunate fraudulent bidding."

Those items include the tie adorned with NFL team logos that he wore the day he told the world he had, indeed, smoked crack cocaine.

Ford had put the tie up for auction on eBay in February and it closed at $16,100, about a week later. But that tie is now back up for sale on Ford's eBay page.

A call to Ford's office was not immediately returned on Sunday afternoon.

However, when asked about the issue by reporters on Sunday, Ford said: "I guess the person that said they're going to buy it, they don't have the cash to buy it — or some reason, I don't know, maybe they do have the money [and] they changed their mind."

Ford, who turns 46 next month, was elected as a councillor in Ward 2 last October.

He had sought re-election as mayor, but withdrew from the mayoral race last fall after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Ford has since had radiation and chemotherapy treatments and he is due to have surgery next month.

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