04/20/2015 05:21 EDT | Updated 07/11/2015 11:59 EDT

Don Cherry says Pavelec could make the difference for Jets

Don Cherry, host of Coach's Corner, says there is no city or team in the NHL that deserves having the playoffs come home more than Winnipeg and their Jets. 

"They may be my favourite team in the league after Boston," Cherry offered. 

"[Anaheim] won their games at home, now we have to win our games at home," he added.

Cherry predicted early in the season that the Jets would make it to the playoffs and kept faith that they could break their slump after the all-star game. 

"You just really have to admire them. The disappointments they had during the season... a lot of teams would have quit," he said.

Playoffs coming home

Tonight will be the first home playoff game Winnipeg has seen in 19 years and Cherry says it is critical. 

"If you got a hot goaltender, you can go a long way," Cherry said Monday. 

Cherry also said Winnipeg has to lay off the "foolish" penalties including hooking and holding. If they don't, he warns that Anaheim will kill the Jets with their power play with Perry and Getzlaf.

"I haven't seen hitting like this in years. I hope there's something left of them when they get through," Cherry said.

Jets fever

"Winnipeg has to watch they don't get too excited about the whole thing," Cherry warned. "They will be excited at the start. It's really going to be something to see that sea of white tonight."

CBC's Up to Speed host Ismaila Alfa wanted to know if Cherry would be participating in the Whiteout, since he is not known for his plain outfits.

All Cherry would say about what he has planned was, "It's going to fit right in with the crowd and it's a beauty."