04/20/2015 11:48 EDT | Updated 06/20/2015 01:12 EDT

Duffy's first cousin was paid after clipping, scanning articles from paper

OTTAWA - Mike Duffy's first cousin in Prince Edward Island was paid after sending him scanned copies of news articles from the local papers, the suspended senator's trial heard today.David McCabe's testimony kicked off the third week of Duffy's trial on 31 charges of breach of trust, fraud and bribery.Some of the charges relate to a $65,000 contract paid to Duffy's friend Gerald Donohue, a proportion of which filtered out to other recipients outside the scrutiny of Senate officials.The court heard that McCabe sent Duffy items of interest from the newspapers, including photos and articles about young relatives and their sports accomplishments.McCabe, a furniture upholsterer by trade, said he also scanned articles about political issues and never expected to be paid for the work.He received a $500 cheque from Donohue's company and said at first he had no idea who it was from or what it was for.