04/20/2015 04:58 EDT | Updated 07/11/2015 05:59 EDT

Nunatsiavut minister let go over alleged discrepancies in travel, expense claims

NAIN, N.L. - The president of Nunatsiavut says she has relieved the minister of culture of his duties over alleged discrepancies in his travel and expense claims.

Sarah Leo said Richard Pamak (PAW-mick) will no longer serve as minister of culture, recreation and tourism after questions were raised about some of his expense filings.

Leo wouldn't reveal any details about the amount of money in dispute, but asserts that it involved "several claims and expense forms that either had to be adjusted or explained" between last June until now.

She says it was brought to her attention within the last week, prompting a closer look at the claims.

Leo says some funds were paid back, but she would not disclose the amount.

Pamak declined comment on Leo's allegations.

He was elected in May and will continue to serve as a member of the Nunatsiavut assembly.