04/21/2015 11:41 EDT | Updated 04/21/2015 11:59 EDT

Culottes Are Our New Spring Staple

We’re guessing the last time you thought about a wide-leg, calf-length pant was when jersey gauchos had their moment 10 years ago. Well, there’s a new trend in in trousers that’s a lot more glam and polished, with all the breeziness and comfort. Enter culottes.

This season’s most popular pants are made of weighty, luxe fabrics, and they look killer with a stiletto and a crop top. While not as polarizing as the gaucho, the uniquely cut pant is definitely tricky to pull off. We partnered with Nordstrom to seek out some ladies who styled culottes perfectly, making the fashion-forward item look accessible and fresh.

  • Nicole Warne /
    A wider-leg culotte is so loose and lovely, especially in an all-white ensemble. What’s more springy than this look?
  • Laurie Ferraro /
    The foolproof culotte outfit formula: culotte + crop top + heel = perfect proportions.
  • Jackie Welling /
    We love the color and pattern in this pairing. There’s also some faux midi-skirt action happening -- a fun, keep-you-guessing feature of culottes.
  • Rebecca Laurey /
    Get sporty. Culottes are essentially an excuse to live in leisurewear. Why not commit?
  • Danielle Bernstein /
    You’d think that leather culottes might feel like a trend overload. Yet with the slouch this top and pant provide, mixed with a lovely nude heel, we’ve found the ultimate cool-girl culotte look.
  • Lian Galliard /
    A classic uniform consisting of a moto jacket, white tee and black pant gets a welcome update with a culotte cut. Side note … mules are back.
  • Rowan Reiding /
    Sweatpants? Culottes? Both? We’re into it.
  • Rebecca Laurey /
    Culottes seem truly at their best when working as a basic. A classic striped tee, cut-out mule and comfy-chic culotte make for our dream day-off ensemble.


Culottes are definitely making our shortlist for spring. Nordstrom Chinook Centre is gearing up for the season with a spotlight on fresh trends like this one -- check out what they're excited about, from petaled prints to strappy sandals, @nordstromyyc.