04/21/2015 02:27 EDT | Updated 04/21/2015 03:59 EDT

Tiny House On Wheels In Calgary Gets A Reprieve

Last week, Calgary resident Nancy Shadlock was told she would have to move her 200-square-foot home on wheels off a Bowness property following a complaint.

This week, she found out she may not have to move the tiny home after all.

Shadlock built the home, which she calls "Margo" after her late grandmother, on a flatbed trailer last year and later located it in a friend's backyard.

Check out photos of Nancy Shadlock's tiny home:

Tiny Calgary House On Wheels Gets A Reprieve

She documented the process of building the home on her blog.

It has cork flooring, a fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and loft-style bedroom.

Realizing the home was a dream for Shadlock, who was "sick of only living in a place for a year or eight months at a time."

But last week, after returning from a cross-Canada road trip, she received a notice from the city ordering her to move it, CBC News reported.

The city considered it a trailer (it is on wheels, after all), and people are not allowed to live in them within its boundaries.

But with the help of Coun. Ward Sutherland, who supports tiny homes as a way of providing affordable shelter, she is able to keep the home where it is if she applies for a development permit and connects it to city utilities such as sewage and water, Metro News reported Tuesday.

The city is treating it as a backyard suite for now, and Shadlock is glad it's being discussed.

"I think in the future we're all going to need to talk about other ways of living," she told the newspaper.

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