04/20/2015 09:50 EDT | Updated 06/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames Fan Fight Caught On Video

Video of several hockey fans fighting at last Friday's Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames game at Rogers Arena has emerged online. 

The video shows several men wearing Canucks and Flames jerseys involved in a scuffle outside a washroom after the game ended.

Shaine Kumar, a witness who posted the video online, claims it all started when a group of Flames fans began taunting Canucks fans while waiting in line for the men's washroom in the upper bowl area of the arena.

"I heard someone say, 'You guys never win a cup,' or 'Where's your cup?'" he said. "Just egging on the Vancouver fans."

That's when fists began flying, according to Kumar.

"There was pushing at first, then we saw a punch fly, then it just went crazy."

"Not everyone was throwing punches, people were trying to stop the fight."

Kumar said security moved in quickly and broke up the fight.

Fights 'will not be tolerated'

In a statement to CBC News, Canucks Sports and Entertainment said situations like this are rare.

"Incidents like this are the exception and will not be tolerated," said the organization.

"While the majority of our fans help to create a jovial and respectful setting at games, we do take measures at all of our events to help minimize any risks ... including guests services personnel and our fan text service, to help flag an incident before it escalates and to create the safest atmosphere possible."

Kumar agrees.

"It's just a game, people shouldn't be throwing punches."

A sense of anonymity

Registered psychologist Derek Swain said the mentality of being lost in crowd, may give some people the sense of anonymity.

"They probably don't expect there's going to be any repercussions either," he said. 

Swain said the 2011 Vancouver riots should serve as a lesson for those exhibiting bad behaviour. 

"Certainly there's the potential for things to really get out of hand like the notorious riots we've had," he said.


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