04/22/2015 03:54 EDT | Updated 05/04/2015 07:59 EDT

Calgary's Village Ice Cream Will Give Out Free Cones For Votes

A sweet incentive to head to the polls!


Village Ice Cream in Calgary doesn't care who gets your vote on May 5 — they just want to see you head to the polls.

The independent ice cream shop shared a tweet Monday, promising a free cone to anyone who snaps a selfie outside their polling station on voting day.

"The Alberta Provincial Elections are coming up. We don't care whom you vote for, just vote for somebody!" the tweet reads.

The incentive couldn't come at a better time — voter turnout is forecast to hit a record low this election.

Duane Bratt, a Calgary-based political science professor, told the Edmonton Journal that based on recent byelection turnout, combined with frustration about the ruling PC party's political dynasty, he expects fewer than 40 per cent of Albertans to head to the polls.

In an attempt to counteract voter apathy, Elections Alberta has launched a $1-million ad campaign that specifically targets the youth vote.

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