04/23/2015 11:14 EDT | Updated 06/23/2015 05:59 EDT

Alberta Party Wants To Cut Number Of MLAs By 30 Per Cent

Alberta Legislature
Alberta Legislature
CALGARY - The Alberta Party believes less is more.

Leader Greg Clark says if the Alberta Party wins the May 5 election it would reduce the number of members of the legislature from 87 to 61.

Clark says the cut would save $32 million over a four-year term and improve the quality of the government.

He says the Alberta legislature is the most ineffective in Canada.

Clark says only Prince Edward Island and Nunavut sat for fewer days last year.

The Alberta Party did not have a seat in the legislature when the election was called.

"Alberta has significantly more MLAs per capita than many other provinces. So we have a lot more people doing a lot less work," Clark said Thursday in a release.

"Alberta also has more than double the provincial representatives per constituent than Ontario and if we applied the same ratio of representatives to our local city council, Calgary would have 25 councillors, instead of 14."

Clark is running in Calgary Elbow, a riding where he came in second behind Progressive Conservative Gordon Dirks in the Oct. 27 byelection.

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