04/23/2015 05:38 EDT | Updated 04/23/2015 05:59 EDT

David Silverberg, P.E.I. Doctor, Saves Man In Wheelchair From Subway Tracks

Dr. David Silverberg was just exiting a subway platform in Washington, D.C. when he heard a bang.

A man in a wheelchair had apparently passed out and driven right off the platform on to the tracks around 1 p.m., CBC News reported.

Silverberg, a P.E.I. doctor who was in the U.S. for a neurologists' conference, checked for any oncoming trains, dropped his bag and bounded down to the tracks to help him up, said Charlottetown newspaper The Guardian.

Another person also helped the man back to the platform, just a few minutes before a train arrived at the station.

The rescue was caught on a widely circulated video and Silverberg has been called a hero.

But he insists he wasn't just doing it for the man who fell.

"It's the kind of moment in your life that if you don't go you regret it for the rest of your life," he told the Guardian.

"Really, I jumped not just for him but for myself."

As for the man who fell, he had just a few minor cuts, CBC reported.

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