04/23/2015 01:44 EDT | Updated 07/20/2015 12:59 EDT

Government departments in New Brunswick unveiling more budget cutting

FREDERICTON - Government departments in New Brunswick have begun providing line by line details of their spending plans for the year and revealing more ways the government plans to save money.

Education Minister Serge Rousselle says a total of 302 positions will be eliminated from his department.

It was announced in last month's budget that 249 teaching jobs would be cut, but now Rousselle says 21 jobs in school district offices and 32 at the central office in Fredericton will also be eliminated.

The government will also save almost $1.5 million by eliminating a fund that gave teachers $250 to buy supplies for their classrooms.

The government is also eliminating free parking for its employees.

Rouselle didn't know the financial impact on his department, but Health Minister Victor Boudreau says ending free parking will save his department about $85,000 per year.