04/23/2015 03:24 EDT | Updated 07/20/2015 12:59 EDT

Jeff Nybo's interactive beer pong table a social media sensation

Winning a game of beer pong is satisfying for Jeff Nybo.

A sweeter victory, however, is discovering that your Kickstarter campaign to create an interactive beer pong table has surpassed your goal by $40,000 and millions of people have seen it in action on social media. 

"Wow," the Saskatoon man said. "It's awesome. It's crazy." 

The drinking game, in which two people attempt to toss a ping pong ball into cups of beer, is played on a table.  But Nybo's playing surface is far from the standard kitchen tabletop.

His custom-made tables, which he calls the BPT X5, feature flashing LED lights, a ball washer and a touch-sensitive tabletop that keeps score. 

His idea has gone from a Saskatchewan basement to the Facebook feeds of people around the word. A video featuring his flashy invention was posted to the CBC News Facebook page and has been viewed over 18 million times. 

Over 177,500 people have liked the post so far. Even CBS affiliate WINK News, 'Southwest Florida's News Leader,' picked up the story. 

Not bad for Nybo, who launched the campaign on April 10 to see whether there was any interest in his idea. 

"There's maybe more of a market for this than I thought," he said. That's an understatement. 

He woke up this morning to 20 new emails and has received more than 100 inquiries from across Canada and the United States, where the game originates and is hugely popular on college campuses. 

"And there's actually been a lot of people who have emailed me just saying, 'Hey, if you need help, I'm so and so, from this company and I might be able to help you out here.'"

Nybo is selling do-it-yourself kits right now, which retail anywhere from $85 to $400 US. A fully manufactured table sells for $1,800.

Ten people have signed up to buy full tables so far and he has a number of kit requests. 

Nybo is amazed by the success of his idea, but he's not surprised his product is connecting with so many people. 

"Everyone has a fun time playing [beer pong]," he said. "When you see it, it probably brings back good memories, you know, it's always a good time."