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Photos That Prove Prince George Won't Be Outdone By The New Royal Baby

Prince George is about to become a big brother and it might be a bumpy ride for the not-yet two-year-old.

Children between the ages of 18 months and three years struggle the most with the arrival of a second child, reports, and the pint-sized prince falls right into this category.

For some, sibling rivalry begins as soon as they know what's coming out of that bump and it changes them. A soft spoken boy or girl can become whiny or aggressive. The University of Michigan Health System says some older siblings even begin acting like babies when a new child is brought into the home, they'll ask for bottles or urinate their pants vying for more attention. And if the child is particularly closer to their mother than their father, it could be a lot worse, researchers note.

But parents can prevent a total meltdown with a little preparation. Dr. Sears suggests talking to your first child throughout your pregnancy, making them feel involved, showering them with love, attention and gifts so they don't feel left out.

It's also a good time to take a look back. Showing your toddler photos of them as a baby and telling them stories about how excited you were to meet them will give them a good perspective on what to expect when it's time for number two. So with that in mind, we're looking back at some of Prince George's best moments because we never want to see a pout on the adorable prince's perfect face.

Prince George Moments
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