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Alberta political leaders back on campaign trail after lively TV debate

EDMONTON - It's back on the election trail today for the leaders of Alberta's main political parties.Wildrose Leader Brian Jean is making an announcement about education in Edmonton, then he hits the road to Fort McMurray where he visits an Islamic centre.Jean then heads to Westlock, where he will be appearing at the town hall.Liberal Leader David Swann will be door knocking in his riding of Calgary Mountain View.Conservative Leader Jim Prentice is spending the day in Calgary, visiting a bakery and seniors centre before glad-handing at the Convention Centre.NDP Leader Rachel Notley and the others took part in a lively televised debate on Thursday night.Prentice had to fend off attacks from all sides.N-D-P Leader Rachel Notley accused the Tory leader of not giving enough money to education and not raising taxes on corporations.Jean said his party is the only one promising to not increase taxes on anyone and called Notley, Prentice and the Liberals a coalition of tax raisers.Prentice fired back, saying the N-D-P's plan to raise corporate taxes will ruin the economy.The Tory leader attempted the paint the Wildrose as having a plan to institute massive cuts in government services without any specifics.Liberal Leader David Swann chided Prentice and his Progressive Conservatives, in power since 1971, for wasting the billions of dollars in Alberta's oil wealth.Albertans go to the polls on May 5.

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