04/24/2015 01:37 EDT | Updated 04/24/2015 01:59 EDT

WATCH: Babies Eating Sour Food For The First Time

Families have been making home videos of their babies for years, whether it’s their first words or their first steps.

Now, it their first taste of sour food. And now Buzzfeed has put together a series of clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos of babies doing just that.

Babies are born with a developed sense of taste and smell when they are born, the only flavour that comes later is the taste for salt which develops around 5 months, according to the Baby Centre.

In fact, babies may have a better sense of taste that adults. At birth a baby has around 30,000 taste buds in their mouths and two thirds of those disappear by the time they become adults.

So when your watching the video it might help to remember these babies may be experiencing a sense of sour none of us will ever know, or at least remember, but this might jog your memory:

The old man baby

Babies Taste Sour Foods For The First Time

He looks like he's really enjoying it

Babies Taste Sour Foods For The First Time

Get this away from me

Babies Taste Sour Foods For The First Time

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