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20 Instagram Accounts That Will Give You Major Sneaker Envy

Prepare to get some serious sneaker envy.

Now that sneakers are officially in fashion (and not going anywhere), we can't help but get a little excited.

Not only are they comfortable, they just look plain cool. Whether worn with skirts, shorts, jeans, or trousers, a great pair of sneakers can totally up your style factor these days.

To give you a little shoe game inspiration, we've rounded up 20 of our favourite sneakerheads and aficionados to follow on Instagram. Just check them out below, and prepare to get ridiculously jealous.

1. @shoenica

A photo posted by shoenica (@shoenica) on

This girl's got a crazy collection of Air Max 1s (among other styles) which is seriously envy inducing.

2. @thesneakermom

A photo posted by Jennifer (@thesneakermom) on

A mother to "two great boys" and a whole lotta great sneakers. She tends to stay true to the Nike family, but sometimes strays with Adidas. She also keeps up to date with the latest styles by going to sneaker conventions. Basically, we wish she was our mom.

3. @ballintwn

Randy Fernandez, a.k.a. ballintwn fills his account with the two things we love most right now: cool kicks and delicious looking food. He knows what he's doing.

4. @the_perfect_pair

Kenny G, who boasts a following of over 500,000, has a number of player exclusive (PE) pairs in his collection, which is no doubt impressive. Bonus points for all the inspirational quotes he shares.

5. @jentwice143

A photo posted by jenGAWD. (@jentwice143) on

Her collection is definitely one of the most diverse we've seen, with brands ranging from Nike to Adidas to Reebok. We love a gal that doesn't discriminate!

6. @uglymely

A photo posted by UGLY MELY (@uglymely) on

This girl has a serious collection. She's not about the hype (though she does own a pair of Yeezys), and she knows her stuff.

7. @jcheyenne_

Janelle C Shuttlesworth a.k.a. @jcheyenne_ is another sneaker-loving lady with an impressive collection. What we love most is how she balances brands like Nike and Adidas with skateboard brands like Vans.

8. @boutthatjaelife

The coolest part about Jaelin C.'s account? How he perfectly matches his socks to his kicks, every time.

9. @uptown2k

A photo posted by #Uptown2k (@uptown2k) on

From Nikes to And 1s and Adidas, this guys got 'em all. A definite must-follow.

10. @mobilesneakers

Mobile Sneakers is an account dedicated to sneaker photos taken only with mobile phones, and each and every one of them are stunning.

11. @infamouskayce

This girl is a stylist, so it's no surprise her shoe game is #onpoint.

12. @genevievechanelle

Genevieve Chanelle is a self-proclaimed "sneaker connoisseur," and after looking through her collection on Instagram, it's not hard to see why.

13. @ronniefieg

A photo posted by Ronnie Fieg (@ronniefieg) on

Not only is Ronnie's Instagram account ridiculously well-curated, it's filled with gorgeous photos of some killer sneaks.

14. @mvncnt

A photo posted by Michael Vincent (@mvncnt) on

Michael Vincent is a footwear buyer, so he definitely knows his stuff. And he's got the collection to prove it.

15. @kicks0l0gy

She's got a collection that would make even the most devoted of sneakerheads jealous.


A photo posted by Livestock (@livestockcanada) on

Canada's own Livestock is a sneaker boutique that boasts a very impressive collection of men's and women's shoes. Definitely check them out if you're in Toronto or Vancouver.

17. @marcjoshveloso

Maj Veloso's monochromatic sneaker-heavy Instagram account will have you dreaming in black and white.

18. @socappie

A photo posted by Akhi Peach (@socappie) on

So many awesome sneakers to love! And beautiful photos to boot.

19. @selmaksebbagh

She's got an enviable collection, no doubt, but it's the extra-feminine spin she puts on her pics and styling that really makes her stand out.

20. @yung_javier

Simply put, yung_javier likes shoes and anime. We can dig it.

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