04/27/2015 05:06 EDT | Updated 06/27/2015 05:59 EDT

Calgary Council Votes Down Backyard Chickens

Chicken close-up
CALGARY - City council in Calgary has plucked off the drawing board a pilot project that would have allowed people to keep egg-laying chickens.

Councillors voted 9-6 against the proposal.

Gian-Carlo Carra and Ray Jones had argued there is a lot of interest in city chickens and pointed out there are already communities that allow backyard coops.

Other councillors were concerned about disease, noise and smell.

Jones said he’s visited people with chickens and the birds are no worse than other animals.

But he and Carra couldn’t convince enough of their colleagues to at least try a pilot project in 20 inner-city communities.

“I had a next-door neighbour who had five dogs,” Jones told council on Monday. “You want to talk about noise, every time you moved on your deck, five dogs would bark. Want to talk about smell? When spring comes, it was a delight to sit on my deck and eat my steak and smell what I was smelling”

Coun. Sean Chu said he had a number of concerns about avian flu and pointed to Vancouver, where a backyard chicken contracted the virus.

Shane Keating was also hesitant because there were still questions about how many chickens would have been allowed and where they would be kept.



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