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How To Say 'Thank You' Around The World

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Saying "thank you" is not just polite, it's the simplest way to put a smile on someone's face. And if you're travelling, it's also a great way to show gratitude and respect.

Card retailers, TinyPrints knows the importance of a good thank you note, but they also know somethings are better said face-to-face. For the that purpose the online shop has created a simple guide to saying thank you in languages used in the world's most travelled countries.

The site provides background on each of the languages and tips for using saying "thank you" in each country — like say do jeh instead of mh goi in Hong Kong and Macao. And for those words that look too difficult to pronounce, TinyPrints even includes phonetics and audio files so you can practice languages.

A simple thank you has a habit of leaving a lasting impression on those who hear it, researchers say the expression of gratitude can help form and maintain relationships.

Visit TinyPrints for the complete list of thank yous in different languages.

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