04/28/2015 04:48 EDT | Updated 04/28/2015 05:59 EDT

'Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial' Turns A Workday Into An Action Movie

Business, business, business, numbers, working, EXTREME!

People can lose their minds in jobs that involve dreadful tasks like making copies and organizing folders.

Enter Toronto documentary filmmaker Daniel Williams. He added a GoPro and some techno music to his nine-to-five routine and turned it into something exciting.

His video, "Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial," was posted to YouTube last week, drawing over 3 million hits as of Tuesday afternoon.

It marks a departure from what you normally see out of GoPro videos — images of elite athletes riding waves, skiing crevices and cycling through rugged terrain.

And somehow it feels fresher, despite the repetitive material.

"I started to think about GoPro's commercials and how in all the commercials it's people skydiving or rock climbing," Williams told BuzzFeed.

"When in reality most of the people who own a GoPro have everyday, normal, boring lives."

The video has drawn praise from YouTube accounts associated with Red Bull and even GoPro itself, which called him an "every day office HERO!"

GoPro Man. He's the hero we need, but not the one we deserve right now.

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