04/28/2015 01:04 EDT | Updated 08/01/2015 08:59 EDT

Mount Pleasant skate park closure decision postponed

The Vancouver Park Board deferred making a decision on Monday on potentially closing the local skate park in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Commissioners are considering a number of options including taking it down and planting grass there instead. They're also considering downgrading the facility to a beginner's course or removing it entirely and consulting with residents about the site's future use.

The proposed options follow multiple complaints from local residents who say young adults using the park after hours are making too much noise.

However, many skateboard enthusiasts say there must be a way to keep the skate park from getting turfed.  

"We feel that we can find solutions that would make this park work for everyone," says Jeff Cole, president of the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition. 

"The way we see it is that every complaint coming out of that park is being scape-goated on the skate board park. Skateboarders are not hopping the fence to ride that place at night because it's pitch black. A skateboarder that rides down the street ... that does generate noise and that noise is being blamed on the skateboard park. A person that hops the fence and is drunk gets blamed on the skateboard park. That's a park board issue; that isn't a skate park issue,"

Hundreds of supporters sent a strong message to the city's park board Sunday about future plans that include covering the site at Manitoba Street and 16th Avenue with grass.

The city obtained an independent noise assessment. It shows noise levels exceeding those allowed for the neighbourhood when skate boarders are using the facility.

"It is a disturbance to residents directly across the street," says an area resident Michael Sadovnick.