04/28/2015 17:10 EDT | Updated 06/28/2015 01:12 EDT

Take back public turf from gangs, says B.C. New Democrat after nephew shot dead

VICTORIA - A British Columbia politician grieving the loss of his nephew to gang violence says police, schools and communities must take back their public turf from people waging war in the streets.Harry Bains' nephew, Arun Bains, was shot dead earlier this month in what police say is an ongoing battle between gangs of South Asian and Somalian descent.There have been nearly two dozen shootings in the last six weeks in Surrey, many of which have been linked to what police say is a fight over the street-level drug trade.Bains says the gang warfare must become a top priority because lives are at stake.Premier Christy Clark is expected to hold a news conference today with Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner.Bains says members of his extended family are devastated by the death of his 22-year-old nephew, who recently attended the University of Victoria.