04/28/2015 17:56 EDT | Updated 06/28/2015 01:12 EDT

Wildrose leader says Alberta doesn't need its own 'NDP-style experiment'

CALGARY - The leader of Alberta's Wildrose Party used a campaign stop in Calgary to target NDP Leader Rachel Notley and the governing Progressive Conservatives.Brian Jean says the only way to stop what he calls the PC coalition for higher taxes and the NDP is to vote Wildrose.He says he's been to all corners of the province and has come to the conclusion that the PC's four-decade reign in Alberta will end in the vote next Tuesday.Jean says the Tories have lost touch with the needs of voters and the NDP wants higher taxes on families and higher taxes on businesses.He says only Wildrose stands between the NDP and its plans for the Alberta economy.Jean says his party has roared back to life after being left for dead when nine members included leader Danielle Smith crossed the floor to the Tories late last year."The PCs and NDP now both believe in taxing their way to prosperity. Alberta can’t afford its own NDP-style experiment," Jean said."Only Wildrose stands between the NDP and their risky designs on the Alberta economy."