04/28/2015 06:45 EDT | Updated 06/29/2015 05:59 EDT

Alberta Election 2015: Liberal Leader Swann Says Anyone But PCs

"After 44 years, they need to be kicked out."


LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann is telling voters not to mark their X for the Progressive Conservatives in next week's provincial election.

He told a crowd at a seniors centre that if people can't vote Liberal next Tuesday, they should cast their ballot for someone other than the Tories.

He says he's fed up with the government and believes change is in the air.

Swann was making a campaign stop in Lethbridge to announce a four-point plan to support seniors.

The plan is designed to help seniors stay in their homes, free up hospital beds, put money in their pockets and keep them healthy and active.

Swann suggested the election is really about trust and said the Tories can't be counted on to come through on their commitments.

"Promise after promise ... it's clearly a government that is simply wanting to stay in power. After 44 years, they need to be kicked out," he said Tuesday.

"And at the very least we need a stronger opposition."

He says people are disgusted that "we have no savings, we've not been caring adequately for people on the margins, the gap between rich and poor is getting wider and wider and we have no alternative plan for the future except the hope that oil prices go up."


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