04/29/2015 09:35 EDT | Updated 06/29/2015 05:59 EDT

Calgary Airbnb Home Left Absolutely Trashed Following Rental

"I couldn’t believe that somebody could do that in three days, to another person’s home."

CALGARY - A Calgary family's home is in ruins after it was rented out last weekend through Airbnb, an online accommodation rental company.

The owners were told four people would be staying in the house to attend a wedding.

But neighbours said a party bus pulled up to the house, and throughout the weekend police got several calls about noise and a fight.

On Monday, the homeowners came home and allowed police in for the first time.

Const. Attila Horvath said there was broken glass, ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce, vomit and urine all over the floors and walls, couches and tables broken, cushions burned and cut, towel racks pulled right out of the wall.

He estimates damage at up to $75,000.

“I couldn’t believe that somebody could do that in three days, to another person’s home,” he said. “It was just unreal, I couldn’t believe it.”

Early Monday, police answered a call about a noise complaint, but found nothing on arrival and returned after a report of a fight in front of the house.

When they came a second time, the altercation was over but those involved were uncooperative.

Once the homeowner arrived and asked those inside to leave, Horvath said at least 15 to 20 were seen walking out of the home.

He added their next step is to speak with the man whose name is on the lease for renting the home, who they are calling a person of interest.

Police have consulted with the Crown and say whoever is responsible could face a charge of mischief to property over $5,000.


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