04/29/2015 05:21 EDT | Updated 08/05/2015 11:59 EDT

Empty Baltimore Orioles stadium make for one weird, quiet #GhostGame

When the Baltimore Orioles announced that Wednesday's home game against the Chicago White Sox would be held behind closed doors, few questioned why the decision was made in light of unrest in the city.

But given what is believed to be the first game in MLB history with no fans present, nobody knew exactly how it would play out — which made it all the more interesting to people on Twitter.

Would the national anthem be played? What about walk-up music? Who would be featured on the kiss cam? And most importantly, where would all the unsold hot dogs go?

In the hours leading up to the game, both #Orioles and Camden Yards were trending on Twitter in the U.S. The #GhostGame hashtag also picked up steam as reporters and fans started arriving to the area and sharing photos of what they saw.

Plenty of photos showed fans finding ways to catch the game live from beyond the stadium's gates.


Some fans created their own classic ball-game experience by bringing along food and signs and by dancing or singing in the streets.


The few reporters inside the game and some of those listening from outside of the stadium provided colourful live details on what was taking place.


They also shared shots of the relatively empty stadium, which looked almost eerie with only a handful of the 45,971 seats at Camden Yards filled by scouts and reporters.

Naturally, the soundtrack of the game was well-documented too.


And it appears as though the lack of distractions from the audience worked out in Baltimore's favour — the Orioles ended up beating the White Sox 8-2.