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Liris Crosse, 'Plus-Size Naomi Campbell,' Is Making Waves In Fashion

Liris Crosse is making waves in the fashion industry.

Making it as a fashion model isn't easy, but Liris Crosse hasn't let that stop her.

The Baltimore native, who's been dubbed "the Naomi Campbell of Plus," came from humble beginnings. But over the years (and through many rejections), Crosse has managed to carve herself a spot in the industry.

"I can recall studying all the major fashion magazines as a little girl so I could see Tyra Banks and my model idol, Naomi Campbell," she told the Daily Mail of her earliest fashion memories. "I'm honored that the plus fashion world calls me the 'Naomi of Plus' because she's taught me from afar unknowingly."

And she's come a long way from practicing in her mother's heels in her kitchen, covering magazines, walking in runway shows and appearing in music videos for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z, Puff Daddy, and landed a number of film roles, and been featured in the pages of Glamour, Seventeen, and Girl.

On top of all that, the stunner hosts boot camp classes for aspiring plus-size models.

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And despite receiving rejection due to her voluptuous shape (Wilhelmina Models requested that she first lose weight and then come back in six months), Liris took matters into her own hands, and became her own agent to help achieve her dreams.

"I want to continue to change the industry by inspiring women to follow their dreams, helping to represent a different body type other than straight size in mainstream fashion like I have done through my work and to also represent for the black plus woman who feels she doesn't see herself in mainstream fashion and entertainment," she told the Daily Mail.

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Her career already spans over a decade, and we see no signs of it slowing down.

We only hope to see even more of her (and other curvy ladies) in fashion. In the meantime, check out some of our fave plus-size beauties below!

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