04/29/2015 01:57 EDT | Updated 04/29/2015 01:59 EDT

New Parents: Ridiculous Things People Have ACTUALLY Said To Us

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Everyone's been through it. The times when someone says something wildly inappropriate, insulting or downright stupid right to your face and you're too stunned to say anything. Then you lie awake at night mulling it over until you think of the perfect retort -- and then stay awake several hours longer wishing you'd thought of it in that moment.

When you're a harried new parent, the instance of people getting on your case about deeply personal or sensitive topics seems to increase exponentially. There's just something about pregnancy, babies and new parenthood that makes the world at-large adopt a sort of ownership over your life. Combined with the sleep deprived semi-stupor that envelops the first few months, hormone addled sensitivity and the general fear that you're always doing something wrong, everything people say to you can suddenly hold more weight than ever before.

We asked some new moms and dads about the most memorable instances of people taking it upon themselves to comment "helpfully" on their parenting choices, along with some tips on how to deal if it happens to you.

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