04/29/2015 05:23 EDT | Updated 04/30/2015 08:59 EDT

Alberta Election 2015: Hilarious Tinder Parody Encourages Albertans To Vote

Deciding who to vote for is the pretty much the same thing as finding a romantic partner, right?

It's not all that different, according to a hilarious parody of dating app Tinder by 1ABVote, an organization encouraging Albertans to cast a vote in the May 2015 election.

The video shows a couple using a mobile app called "Pinder" to "spice things up a little" by bringing in someone new. No, not to their relationship, but to the provincial government.

To be fair, it has been a while. The Alberta Conservatives have been in power for 43 years, and are the longest serving political party in Canadian history.

As of April 23, the poll numbers show the NDP leading with 35 per cent of voters' support, Wildrose in second place at 32 per cent, and the Conservatives in third with 25 per cent, reports CBC News.

The "Pinder"-ing couple swipes through some of their options: PC leader Jim Prentice, Wildrose's Brian Jean, Liberal leader David Swann, and the NDP's Rachel Notley.

Hmmm... who to choose?

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