04/29/2015 05:24 EDT | Updated 04/29/2015 05:59 EDT

These Couples Prove No One Remembers Phone Numbers Anymore

In the event of an emergency, would you be able to recall your partner's number by memory? We didn't think so.

In the video above by Elite Daily, 10 couples attempt to recite each other's phone numbers... by heart. Counting up and down to shaking heads and looks of bewilderness, the short video shows that no matter how often you communicate with your loved ones, remembering their phone number is no easy task.

It all goes to show we might be a little too reliant on our mobile phones. Researchers at Baylor University say cell phone addiction is becoming a real thing with female students reportedly spending an average of 10 hours a day on their phones, with majority of the hours spent communicating with others.

But if you're not ready to put away your phone, you might just want to work on your memory. Catching a few extra zzz's can help boost your memory, and researchers say reading and writing the numbers down won't hurt either.

Watch the video above and tell us, do you know your significant other's phone number off by heart?

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