05/01/2015 01:47 EDT | Updated 05/01/2016 05:12 EDT

Google searches by country reveal curious cost obsessions

Online infographics are widely available these days that present trivial information in an easily digestible form.

If you've ever wanted to know what people around the world are curious to discover the price of, you're in luck. 

Cost-estimating websiteFixr's blog features an infographic detailing cost obsessions around the world, or at least the closest they can get using Google indicators. 

The study was based on Google's autocomplete function. For example, a Google search for "How much does a * cost in Canada" will autocomplete based on the popularity of a search. 

For the record, "How much does a passport cost in Canada" pops up as the first option on which to click. 

How much to moor a yacht in Italy?

Passport in Canada, as with patent in the U.S., are pretty practical searches. So are some of the most-searched items in Europe like studying or buying beer, food or a house. Livestock, fuel and weddings are common cost searches in African countries. And then there's Russia, where the most popular cost search is flying a MiG, a Russian fighter aircraft. 

Some countries' search results are a little more offbeat: prostitution in Brazil, Ukraine, Hong Kong, and Latvia; slaves in Mauritania; a kidney in Iran; in vitro fertilization in Australia; rhinoplasty in Korea; and mooring a yacht in Italy.   

The results are presented in map form, divided by continent, with some pretty amusing findings.

You have to wonder though, why do so many people want to know the price of watermelon in Japan?        

Check out the Fixr blog's cost obsessions around the world.