05/01/2015 10:42 EDT | Updated 05/02/2016 05:12 EDT

Abused Cat Dubbed 'Bruce Almighty' Has Last Of Bandages Taken Off

"Today was a big day for Bruce Almighty"

REGINA - An abused cat dubbed Bruce Almighty has shed his bandages and cone because he is well on his way to recovery.

Lisa Koch, executive director of the Regina Humane Society, says everyone is thrilled with the cat's progress.

In March, Bruce Almighty captured the hearts of thousands of cat lovers when he was found with electrical tape wrapped around his legs cutting off circulation to his paws.

Veterinarians had to amputate eight toes, but after a month he was walking on four paws again.

The feline may need to have grafting on his paw pads, but people at the Humane Society are hoping that it won't be necessary.

Koch says Bruce Almighty was able to walk with the bandages on around his foster home, but he is getting used to life in the lap of luxury and prefers to laze around getting petted.

"Today was a big day for Bruce Almighty because he got the last of his bandages removed and also his cone so he's feeling pretty good about things," she said Friday.

"He was able to walk around with his bandages on and now that they're off we want to make sure that his mobility is good," she said.

Humane society staff came up with the name because the cat had struggled to survive with the tape on his paws.

Koch has said that the cat collapsed in their arms when they picked him up and he even purred as his paws were freed from the tape.

There is a lot of public interest in adopting the cat, Koch said he won't be available for a few weeks.

The Humane Society has not had any new leads in the investigation into the animal cruelty.


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