05/03/2015 11:52 EDT | Updated 05/03/2016 05:12 EDT

Man caught driving drunk in a Camaro with kids inside, police say

Police say an alleged drunk driver was caught doing "donuts" with a sports car in the middle of a Barrie, Ont., intersection last night, with two children inside the vehicle.

A news release indicates that a police officer saw a "cloud of smoke" in the intersection of Stanley Street and Birchwood Drive, just before 7 p.m. Saturday.

Upon further investigation, police say they discovered that two 12-year-old boys were with the man. The driver was not their father, but he was acquainted with them.

According to the news release, the man was driving impaired and had a blood-alcohol level that was three times the legal limit. Police say he was also disqualified from driving and was driving without insurance.

Police say the man has been charged with five criminal counts and five Highway Traffic Act offences. The charges have not been proven in court.

The Camaro was seized and the two boys were brought back to their parents.