05/03/2015 03:00 EDT | Updated 05/03/2016 05:12 EDT

QuickSketch profiles of Prince Edward Island's political leaders

CHARLOTTETOWN - Here are short biographical profiles of the four leaders of Prince Edward Island's political parties:

Wade MacLauchlan, Liberal leader and premier

Age: 60.

Working Life: MacLauchlan was a law professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, then dean of the law school at the University of New Brunswick. He served as president of the University of Prince Edward Island from 1999 to 2011.

Political Career: He became leader of the province's Liberal party on Feb. 21 and was sworn-in as premier two days later.

Family: His partner is Duncan McIntosh, artistic director of the Watermark Theatre in Rustico, P.E.I.

Quote: "I am prepared to offer leadership that is different from previous Conservative and Liberal administrations, and to offer leadership and experience that is going to make a difference for this province." — MacLauchlan speaking at a leaders debate during he campaign.


Rob Lantz, the leader of the Progressive Conservatives

Age: 45.

Working Life: Lantz is a graduate of the University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College in Charlottetown. He worked as a programmer and project manager for software company DeltaWare systems for the past 16 years.

Political Career: Lantz was first elected to Charlottetown city council in 2006 and re-elected in 2010. He became leader of the Progressive Conservative party on Feb. 28.

Family: Lantz and his wife Kelly have two school-age boys, Brodie and Ronan.

Quote: "When in a financial hole, stop digging." — Lantz as the election was called when discussing the province's finances.


Mike Redmond, the leader of the NDP

Age: 46.

Working Life: He is a farmer and small business operator. He runs Sperenza-Vision Inspired Sport, a non-profit organization operating out of three communities on the Island that promotes active living for children through participation in sports, good nutrition and a commitment to learning.

Political Career: He became leader of the NDP in 2012.

Family: He lives with his partner Aleida Tweten in Valleyfied with their five children.

Quote: "We need a government that's going to be focused on people first and pay attention to issues like poverty, social housing. These are critical." — Redmond speaking at one of two televised leaders debates during the campaign.


Peter Bevan-Baker, the leader of the Green party

Age: 52.

Working Life: Bevan-Baker is a dentist and with his wife Ann runs a dental clinic, cafe and community hall in a restored heritage church in Hampton.

Political Career: He became leader of the Green party in 2012 but was a candidate in Ontario before moving to Prince Edward Island 13 years ago.

Family: He and his wife Ann have raised four children.

Quote: "Islanders want just a couple of very simple and very reasonable things from their politicians. We want good, honest government from good, honest people. But I would suggest to you that that would actually be something quite new and different on Prince Edward Island. And you don't get something new and different by voting for more of the same.'' — Bevan-Baker speaking at the first televised leaders debate of the campaign.