05/03/2015 09:00 EDT | Updated 05/03/2016 05:12 EDT

Alaska Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing At Vancouver Airport

Alaska Airlines moments before touchdown on 24R. The Eskimo on the tail is wearing a pink lei, which indicates that this aircraft is equipped for overwater service to Hawaii. Alaska Airlines does not run flights to Hawaii from Los Angeles, but does run services from Seattle, Portland, and Anchorage. N532AS, Boeing 737-800
VANCOUVER - A U.S. passenger flight has made an emergency landing at Vancouver International Airport.

Alaska Airlines Flight 76 was en route between Juneau, Alaska, and Seattle, Wash., when problems arose with one of the plane's two electrical systems.

The Boeing 737-400 touched down in Vancouver shortly before 5 p.m. on Sunday.

A spokeswoman for Alaska Airlines said there were 120 passengers and five crew members on board, none of whom were injured.

She said the pilots remained in control of the aircraft at all times but that company policy required that the plane land at the closest airport.

The spokeswoman said a replacement aircraft would take the Seattle-bound passengers on the final leg of their journey.


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