05/05/2015 07:15 EDT | Updated 05/05/2016 05:59 EDT

University of Winnipeg gives students reading week in fall; students thrilled

WINNIPEG - The University of Winnipeg is bringing in a reading week in the fall.

It would start in 2016 and would coincide with Thanksgiving Day long weekend.

Officials say no instruction time will be lost as the days will be made up in other ways.

Facilities in other provinces have already adopted the idea.

Peyton Veitch, president, University of Winnipeg Students’ Association, says allowing students to recharge and decompress during a hectic time of year is part of fostering a holistic approach to mental health and wellness on campus.

Acting dean of science Danny Blair says the week off in the fall will be especially good for first-year-students who often need time to adjust to the demands of the university schedule.

The university is also keeping the reading week in the winter term.