05/05/2015 08:08 EDT | Updated 05/06/2015 07:59 EDT

These Elderly Albertans Just Took Away Every Reason Not To Vote

People love to come up with excuses not to vote.

"I don't care," some say. "Too busy," say others.

Enter the Bethany Care Society. It tweeted a photo from its Cochrane facility on Tuesday that ought to serve as an example to voters throughout the province.

The sight of people lining up to take part in democracy is an inspiring one. It means they have a deep interest in the direction of their province, and how they wish to see it represented for the next few years.

And it's one that Albertans, and all Canadians, need to take more notice of.

The turnout for Alberta's last election was just over 50 per cent. It was an improvement over a record low of just over 40 per cent in the 2008 vote, but it hardly testifies to strong civic engagement.

Bethany isn't the only organization to spread such inspiring imagery on social media. Here are some more photos of Albertans lining up to decide their future across the province.

If they're out there ready to cast a ballot, what's stopping you?

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